June goals – $150/day

So I started advertising consistently in June with the aim to make $150 per day this month. As at today, June 21st, I feel like I am on the path to realising this goal.

Here’s what I’ve done –

Created new products. I’m running a niche fashion brand, and I have found that rather than on product released every two weeks, this time I just created a themed collection with a mix of products and created a carousel image ad.

Advertised the products on Facebook using LLAs. Because I don’t yet have 100 purchases from a country, I cannot create a lookalike for purchases – the ultimate goal for creating LLAs. So I settled for the next best – Lookalikes for ATCs, VCs and All Customers, and targeted these for the carousel ad.

Rerouted fulfillment. Fulfillment has been a bit of a nightmare with COVID so I’ve had to move suppliers. Luckily, my search paid off, and I found well-priced POD suppliers in the USA and Australia . Currently looking for suppliers from Canada. Adaptability is key in this game.

Set up a simple “Welcome” automation series. I used Omnisend to set up an automation which starts allows when the order status changes. Basically, the thinking behind this is because an order update is a positive message, it is probably the perfect time when a customer is most receptive to a little advertising “nudge”.


Week 1 Revenue

Week 2 Revenue

Week 3 Revenue

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