After Conversio, what’s next?

So last week, I got the message that Conversio had been acquired – and subsequently, my Conversio package was being migrated over to Campaign Monitor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the team behind Conversio but for goodness sake, couldn’t it wait until after Black Friday? I have a million and one things to do, and the last thing I want to do is start shopping around for abandoned cart recovery apps.

I “tried” Campaign Monitor for 30days, and when I went to upgrade, I was essentially flabbergasted by the price. I’m not sure that i haven’t made a mistake, but £149 for a basic plan is slightly ridiculous – so it was off to the App stores to find an alternative.

Then I came across Care Cart. Instant warm fuzzies, just from the name.

Had an error when signing up, and then tried again and I was in!

Here’s the landing page I first got to:-

Carecart lifetime offer

$59 for a lifetime? This is less than 50% than the monthly charge for our friends at CM. Tempting, but I went for the monthly offer for a start.

In 30 minutes, I’ve set up a recovery sequence of 3 e-mails, so I’ll monitor them and come back at the end of the month to report.

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