Quiz: How much does it cost to send a baseball hat from a fulfillmen​t centre?

This isn’t a trick question – it is a normal baseball hat with no bells or whistles. Not a giant model or anything silly. How much do you think it costs to send a hat from one fulfillment centre in the USA to a customer in the USA, via expedited (and by expedited, I mean 3 days) delivery?

Can you guess?







If you chose any of the answers above, you’re wrong, my friend. My grand fulfillment centre charged me $35.05 dollars to send a $20 baseball hat to a customer within the USA.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the evidence. And while we’re still at it, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I sent goods to the warehouse and they have been received, but not linked to my account. As we speak, I’m cancelling my account.

I’m the willing crash test dummy of e-commerce. I’m making these expensive mistakes so that you don’t have to. Use Shipknob at your own peril.

Peace x

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