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How to set up an account on Printful – Unchainable

How to set up an account on Printful

If you are just getting started on your print-on-demand journey, you might be in the search for a practical way to get your unique designs printed on your goods and sent to your customers.

You could probably save yourself some money in the long run by buying blank apparel in bulk, printing on them yourself, and sending them out to your customers yourself. But how would you know what colours and sizes to invest in? Not having this key information could cost you a lot in unshift able stock. Apart from this, if one of your designs becomes a hit, would you have the capability to deal with – say, 50 – 100 orders daily?

This is why it is smart to partner up with print-on-demand suppliers such as Printful. Printful is just one of thousands of suppliers who manage your stock, print and ship your goods directly to customers so that you can focus on your business. These suppliers have different strengths and weaknesses, so it is typical to have more than one supplier connected to your store at any given time.

Why Printful?

Personally, I use Printful for ease. I run a branded store, so I like the fact that I can just upload my designs to Printful, and connect my payment method. Whenever a customer buy from my store, Printful prints on a blank item, ships it to my customer and automatically takes payment from the payment method I connect to the store. 

For the purposes of this post, I will be going over Printful’s registration process to help anyone who needs a practical, visual, step-by-step registration guide. If you need a supplier to produce and ship your self-designed t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, blankets, stickers, throw pillows, towels, hats, dresses, bags, socks, face masks, phone cases without the hassle of owning inventory, then try Printful. In a different post, I’ll break down the cost and pricing for items that I have experience selling. For now, let’s crack on with the registration as every journey begins with a first step.

Printful is free to set up, and doesn’t come with monthly fees for the print-on-demand service. However, there are other services that attract a monthly fee, however, they are irrelevant to this post.

How to register an account with Printful

Creating an account with Printful is relatively easy and the steps involved are highlighted below:


This involves creating an account based on the gateways available. 

On the Printful website, click on the Sign up button:

Sign up page Printful

You can sign up in 4 different ways:

  • Email
  • Google Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Apple Account 
  1. Facebook
  • Click on “Sign up with Facebook”
  • Enter your Facebook details and log in to grant permission 

2. Google

Click on “Sign up with Google button”

  • Click on your preferred account and grant authorization 

3. Apple Account

  • Click on “Sign up with Apple” 
  • Enter your Apple Account ID

4. Sign up with e-mail

  • Click on the sign up with email button 
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Click on the Signup button 

Go through the security checks:

And you’re in! Now you can choose from the list of available options what you would like to do with Printful, and click on “Finish” when done. 

Now you should have access to your dashboard

Complete the rest of your profile. You earn loyalty points for taking these steps, which you can eventually trade in for a discount.

Confirm your e-mail address

This is where automation kicks in. Now you can connect your existing store so that Printful automatically receives and fulfills any orders that you get through your store. Printful supports a variety of platforms including:

Now here’s your control centre. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the dashboard. I tend to start with “Product templates” once I have my artwork ready. I would usually start creating product templates to create mockups and see how each item would look before selling.

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